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Youth Exchange

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Youth Exchanges

Youth Exchange

ACDF in the past 35 years have organized and managed international cultural, educational youth exchange programmes to Africa, Caribbean and Europe and have forged meaningful and equal partnerships with young people and a network of organizations local, national and international. Each year from 1984 to 2019 ACDF have taken a group of young people on programmes to destinations national and international. It is by far one of the few black- led organisations in the UK that have young people who today can boast, as a result of their participation, that ACDF exchanges have prepared them for long - term friendship in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

ACDF Youth Exchange Archive Heritage Project is exceptional in the milestone that we have been able to engender through the pages of the organisation's history and the personal account, achievements and testimonials of individuals whose lives have been changed for better alternatives.
We have by far surpassed the initial aims and objectives set and dictated by our project manual, adapted and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
ACDF Youth Exchange have had significant impact on the lives of young people in the following countries:
Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Morocco, Germany, Saint. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Cayman Islands.



We are accountable to our participants, families, community, donors & other stakeholders.



We always ensure that integrity is the foundation of all our individual & collective actions



We believe all people have inherent value (regardless of culture, belief, personal abilities etc.)

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