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Immigration Advice Service

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ACDF Immigration Advice Service

Our service have advised and assisted in settling over 3000 people in the United Kingdom over the past 25 years whilst ACDF have witnessed a similar number of people failing in their attempt to gain settlement in the United Kingdom and were sent back to their respective countries. It is important to note that a sizeable proportion are still living in the United kingdom as overstayers.
Many believed that their home countries colonial past should have guaranteed them entry and assimilation into the British society, whilst there are those whose decision all be it late, was influenced by the 1950s and the 1960s call by the United Kingdom for workers from all over the English speaking Caribbean and Africa to fulfill the shortage of skilled labour.



We are accountable to our participants, families, community, donors & other stakeholders.



We always ensure that integrity is the foundation of all our individual & collective actions



We believe all people have inherent value (regardless of culture, belief, personal abilities etc.)

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