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Ghana: A Chance to Discover a Vibrant Culture and a Distinct History

Population: 31,038,800 Language: English Currency: Ghanaian cedi Time Zone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Capital: Accra

From fascinating history to vibrant cultural identity, spectacular tribal festivals, unique architecture, traditional clothing, music, and local delicacies, Ghana is the ideal destination in West Africa that is just waiting to be explored and enjoyed! Exploring Ghana on your own is fabulous, no doubt about it, but ACDF’s Ghana Cultural and Educational Tours provides an opportunity for individuals, schools, groups, and organisations to experience Ghana, which is one of the many cultural, educational, and historical destinations in West Africa.

Visit castles and the colonial past during the tragic slave trade era that spanned over 400 years. In addition, we will take you on a journey through the heritage of the powerful Ashanti Empire and the many ancient communities keeping alive traditional craft production that includes Kente and Adinkra cloth-making, ancient brass work, bead-making, and wood-carving, to name a few. Experience an authentic journey, immersing yourself in the daily culture of the Ghanaian people and their lives.

* Customize your route through the city by highlighting places of interest to you.
* Enjoy personal attention from our professional team
* Travel through Ghana in comfort with your personal driver, seeing sights such as the Slaver River, Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle, Manhyia Palace Museum, craft villages, and many more.

Our top Ghana cultural and educational tours are only available to those who are passionate about Ghana's long history, rich culture and arts, spectacular natural scenery, and the people's way of life. All our tours can be tailor-made to meet your timeframe, interests, and other special requirements. Tell us what you want, and we will bring you a living Ghana.

We focus on the best parts of Ghana: Accra, Cape Coast, Kumasi, and the Volta Region.
We have specialised in educational tours for schools and students, as well as custom trips for families, individuals, and organisations.

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Learn about Ghana's dark history of being one of Africa's main shipping points for slaves, the "Door of No Return" and Asin Manso Slave River.


Dubbed the most peaceful country in West Africa, Ghana can boast of an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage, traditions and festivals.


Discover the wealth of Ghana's contribution to the global economy, from human resources, natural minerals, agricultural produce and abundant sunshine all year round.

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