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Founded in 1982 and re-established in 2007 Africa Caribbean Development Foundation (ACDF) is a charitable organization, promoting and providing charitable activities for the benefit of the Community.

Our specific emphasis is on youth empowerment, development, creativity, self-help and self-determination.
ACDF is concerned about the future of young people and their preparedness in taking up their responsibilities for providing leadership and guidance to the next generation.

From the eighties to the 21st century, the Africa Caribbean Development Foundation (ACDF) formerly Caribbean Development Foundation (CDF) has been educating and preparing youths in London for greater role in society; a task which remains in great demand from years to year. Throughout the years ACDF remained steadfast in its approach, seeing at all times that the key to self-development is one’s ability to recognize his/her own individual talent and with training and support they can develop the confidence to lead a productive life whilst contributing positively to fabric of society