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Youth Exchange

ACDF and NUC Youth Exchange Programme

The search for talented individuals interested in the performing arts begins as the Africa Caribbean Development Foundation (ACDF) teams up with New Urban Collective (NUC) Holland and the Consulate of Barbados in the Cayman Islands to organise a Youth Exchange programme.

This Youth Exchange programme is a triangular exchange involving the Cayman Islands, the United Kingdom (UK) and Holland. It will present a group of 10 young artistes from each country with the exciting opportunity to spend a duration of 10 days together in the UK and Holland.

They will embark on a series of performing arts workshops aided by various professional artistes. At the end of their programme in both the UK and Holland, the group will perform to a live audience in each country. The final leg of the exchange will take place in the Cayman Islands with a series of workshops and a final live showcase in and around March 2015.

The programme is designed for budding writers, dancers, singers and artists between the ages of 16-25, who have not performed professionally. According to the Consulate of Barbados, “The project aims to bring a group of young people from the UK, Holland and the Cayman Islands with the sole objective to use arts and performing arts as a tool for building individual participants confidence whilst at the same establishing friendships and building bridges for young people across three countries within the context of our global village.”

ACDF’s Youth Exchange stems from the organisation’s “Getfamilyar” project, an artistic youth training and confidence building developmental programme. It brings together up and coming young artistes from several artistic disciplines and provides the platform for them to develop and gain confidence in performing to live audiences whilst perfecting their skills and establishing a local permanent avenue to showcase their talent.