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Africa Caribbean Development Foundation (ACDF)

The Africa Caribbean Development Foundation (ACDF) is the only black- led organization that specializes in youth international cultural and educational programmes as part of its core activities in changing lives for better alternative. Our specific emphasis is on youth Exchange Heritage, development, creativity, self-help and self-determination. From the Eighties to the 21st century, ACDF have been educating and preparing youths in London for a greater role in society; a task which remains in great demand from years to year.


Legacy And Impact

Today, more than ever, young people live in an increasingly complex and interdependent world, where social network and the opportunity to make faceless friendship using Facebook, WhatsApp and other means of communications forms the main ways in which young people communicate today. Yet as young people, they still yearn for Youth Exchange Programmes, as it brings them into direct contact with invaluable cultural, social and educational values that is far removed from the benefits of today’s social networking.

ACDF also acts as a resource for both young people and adults by providing advice and assistance in physical and emotional well‐being, education, employment and enterprise development. We specifically work with partners to reduce crime and anti‐social behaviour by delivering a range of activities and schemes that provide opportunities aimed at meeting beneficiaries’ social, cultural and intellectual development needs. Through partnership work, we have strengthened our advice and support services so that it now includes detached and targeted outreach sessions, advice and support to young people, particularly school drop outs in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

International youth exchange is still at the heart of everything we do as an organization because it remains one of the best ways of introducing young people to crossing national boundaries within a framework that has a unique potential for encouraging positive attitudes that broaden horizons and break down prejudices. Underpinning a youth exchange is the idea that young people from different cultures can live and work together, and in doing so can increase their own and their community’s confidence and understanding of a changing world. ACDF is concerned about the future of young people and their preparedness in taking up their responsibilities for providing leadership and guidance to the next generation.

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